It’s our job to believe we have the MOST talented kid in the whole wide world. Still, we all know extraordinary skill when we see it. Does your little one have an extracurricular hobby that has developed into an infatuation they are actually quite astounding at? Below are five DMV organizations you can turn too if your after school painter prospers into a Picasso.

Photo: Jacqueline Banks

The National Conservatory of Art
Got a mini Mozart? The National Conservatory of Art’s mission is to develop the innate creativity in each individual. With schools throughout D.C., the NCA prides itself in cultivating major musical potential. Classes start at infancy and can continue through to devoted musical studies. Each class is designed with the individual in mind, and each promotes musical growth—the development of knowledge, skills, and expressiveness—within a vibrant, caring, and engaging school culture.

1810 16th St., NW, 3rd Fl.
900 4th St., SW

Imagination Stage
Tiny thespians LOVE Imagination Stage! This is a place where innovation is born and flourishes and where kids can enjoy family-friendly shows designed just for them. More importantly, Imagination Stage is a place for kids to express their own creativity, learn and thrive in the theater. From dancing and singing to filmmaking and acting, children learn an art form here that they can work at into adulthood.

4908 Auburn Ave. (Bethesda, Md)

Photo: DC Fencers Club

DC Fencers Club
Why, yes, I fence! Whether you are a leading fencer or a “free-time” fencer, the DC Fencers Club is the place for you. For almost 30 years, the DCFC, has consistently produced winners both in the United States and around the world. Coaches help refine the skills of highly competitive fencers while emboldening more amateur fencers. Kids can take classes, participate in camps and workshops, or opt for individual lessons. DCFC coaches are fencing masters and National Champions.

9330 Fraser Ave. (Silver Spring, Md)

The Art League
The Art League School provides instruction to nearly 6,000 students annually. Most classes and workshops meet at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria, which is an experience in and of itself. Courses are offered in virtually all of the fine arts, and diverse crafts, with some of the most talented and renowned skilled artists and instructors in the country. Kids ages five and up can explore their creative side and learn new skills in painting, drawing, cartooning, clay animation, ceramics, sculpture and more! This is where your fashionista teenager can blossom taking fashion illustration classes. And where your cartoonist can go full blown Manga!

105 North Union St. (Alexandria, Va.)

Photo: Theo Kossenas

The Washington Ballet
Many littles go through the ballerina stage but quickly drop out and move on to something different like tap or soccer! But some ballerinas really do stick with it and blossom into committed swans. If your little one gives up the pink tutu for sore tippy toes, the Washington Ballet is where you need to go. Over 70 years old, the Washington Ballet School is recognized globally for its classical training and dedication to excellence in dance and dance education. There are four campuses throughout the DMV and curriculum covers everything from pre-ballet through young adulthood when some students decide to pursue a career in dance.

3515 Wisconsin Ave., NW

Where does your super talented tyke take classes? Tell us in the comments below.

-Guiomar Ochoa