Social distancing or not, Father’s Day is right around the corner. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Dad this year. From selecting the perfect Father’s Day gift to letting him unleash his inner kid, scroll down for 25 ways to make Dad feel special this Father’s Day.

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1. Grab a net and a jar and try to catch fireflies. Make an adventure out of it by searching on one of the region’s best nature trails.

2. If trails are your dad’s thing, but bugs aren’t, swap the net for a couple of wheels and sped quality time taking a bike ride.

3. While social distancing means many area campgrounds are still closed, you can still pitch a tent in your own backyard for a memorable camping experience Dad will love.

4. Let’s face it, lots of dads still act like kids. It’s part of what makes them awesome. Why not end Father’s Day by leaning into that with an outdoor game you play at twilight.

photo: Andie Huber

5. Take in the scenery and enjoy a day with Dad hiking and exploring Great Falls National Park.

6. Make him a meaningful and memorable card.

7. Set up an outdoor movie and let Dad pick the flick.

8. Make him a book of the best dad jokes. Bonus points if some of his own make it into the book.

9. Plan a kids-free date night at home.

10. Turn the tables and make him take a nap.

11. Serve him an epic breakfast. Even better if you surprise him in the shower.

12. Make an old-school mixtape for your favorite music-loving dad.

13. Get him a unique gift he’s sure to love.

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14. Give him a dad time morning with this awesome homemade shaving cream, some freshly brewed coffee and some time to himself.

15. Since your pool is likely still closed or on limited hours, set up an outdoor obstacle course using your pool noodles.

16. Build a fort together. Bonus if you let Dad hide out or nap in it (see numbers 10 and 14).

17. While we aren’t all celebrity parents like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, you can pretend by putting on a play for dad. About dad.

photo: David Straight via Unsplash

18. Let Dad sink his toes in the sand and jump into the water at one of DC’s best nearby beaches.

19. Go for a scenic and nearby drive. Let Dad pick the music.

20. Make ice cream sundaes together. Better yet, build one of these ice cream sundae bars that Dad is sure to love.

21. Go to his favorite museum virtually.

22. Let dad unleash his inner mad scientist with these five cool experiments to try together.

23. Plan an epic picnic either in your backyard or at one of DC’s coolest outdoor spots. Bonus points if bacon is on the menu.

24. Three words: Cardboard. Box. Golf.

25. Let Dad know you appreciate him just the way he is with the Dad Bods and Rescue Dogs calendar.

—Chris McGurn

featured photo: Sarah Bernier via Pixabay


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