You may be stuck at home but are you actually relaxing? This weekend we’re focused on taking a big, deep (much needed) breath–as a family. The upside to all this staying-indoors? The earth has gotten to take it’s own much needed breather. Celebrate the earth —and this week’s upcoming  Earth Day—with an upcycling project, some tunes from Miss Jamie on the farm and a family meditation session. Now all together…inhale…. exhale!  Happy Earth Day, everyone!

photo: Cottonbro via Pexels

Family Meditation
Kick off the weekend with some deep breathing and intentional thinking. Even little kids can learn to be present. This live meditation class happens every day at 11 a.m., so make it a family tradition. Fri. Event details. 

Upcycle Art Projects
Celebrate this week’s upcoming Earth Day with art projects using found objects around the home. Make a wreath out of broken toys. Or design a lamp with some glue and paint. For more inspo, go here.

Whale Activities & Games
Learn about modern whales and their ancient relatives. Compare whale bones to bones of other mammals, see how whales have evolved over millions of years, learn about the diets of modern whales and more with curriculum designed by the Burke Museum of Seattle. Let’s dive in! Sat. Event details. 

Dine & Drive
Enjoy a relaxing drive to one of these foodie destinations for a get-out-of-the-house pick-me up. Each of these curbside pick ups come with view. Ice cream, anyone? For our best picks, go here.

Sing Along With Miss Jamie From the Farm
Beloved Chicago children’s musician Miss Jamie takes the kids on an imagination journey to her “farm”. There, they sing and dance to songs both familiar and new and they’ll even learn a little something, too! This 30-minute concert is high energy and best enjoyed by kids ages 2-8, but babies and their grown-ups will love it, as well. Sat. Event details.

Eye Spy a Butterfly with San Diego Zoo’s Butterfly Cam
San Diego Zoo Safari Park is bringing Butterfly Jungle to your home via a new live video cam. Now you can view livestreaming video from Butterfly Jungle at and take a visual “walk” through the rain forest habitat. Here, you can see some of the thousands of colorful, eye-catching butterflies as they flutter lightly through the warm air to find nectar-filled flowers, or catch of glimpse of up to 22 exotic bird species—including the critically endangered Bali myna and blue-crowned laughingthrush that reside inside the aviary, among the lush greenery. Event details. 

Every Day is Earth Day
During the month of April you and your family are encouraged to participate in easy and fun daily actions that will benefit the environment, affect climate change and foster a connection with trees. You’ll be able to take action in your home, yard or neighborhood. To find out what the day’s activity entails, check this event feed or the South Sound Earth Day calendar. Fri.-Sun. Event details. 

The Family Tribune
Start a family newspaper chronicling these times. Each family member can take on a role: photographer, writer, editor… Don’t forget to swap jobs. For other boredom busters, go here.

Party Central 
Craig Parks is a well known children’s musician whose new album “Please Do Try this at Home” contains playful catchy songs for parents and kids to sing together through the every day moments of life. Together with his effervescent 5 year old  daughter, he’s created a highly entertaining show not to be missed! Sun. Event details. 

—Meghan Yudes Meyers