We usually talk about why D.C. is great for kids and families, but we thought it might be fun to ask the area’s main movers and shakers (AKA moms-to-be) why the District is such a great place to be whilst carrying a wee one. We staked out some local hot spots and asked pregnant mamas to bestow some insight into why they love bumping around the Nation’s Capital.

pregnant-ladyPhoto: Aina Vidal via flickr

  1. You’re never the only pregnant lady. “It’s a perk living in such a populated area, because you can find almost anything you need (advice, gently used belly support bands, etc.) on a Facebook group, email list serv, large consignment sale, meetup group, etc.” —Meghan M.
  1. You don’t have to get on a plane to go on a babymoon. “There are lots of local ‘mini babymoon’ options, like the hotels in DuPont Circle, Shenandoah Valley, and Harper’s Ferry.” —Renee W.
  1. It’s a pregant foodies paradise. “No matter what food I’m craving, I can find it within a 10 minute walk or drive of my house (and usually they deliver!). Even if it is ice cream and pickles at 2 am. ” —Jessica A.
  1. Two words: breastfeeding support. “Easy access to the Breastfeeding Center in downtown, which is fantastic.” —Liz B.
  1. You can dress cute (so can your kids) without spending a bunch of money. “There are tons of fashionable baby boutiques to help build my maternity wardrobe!” —Marie T.
  • Pre- and post-natal yoga options are endless. Just endless. “The access to lots and lots of prenatal yoga, which I still credit with helping me deliver a giant baby!” —Meghan S.
  • Middle of the night diaper runs are no biggie. “No matter what I need—be it clothes, food, gear, gizmos—I can usually find it within 15 minutes of my house.” —Mary G.
  • Dairy Godmother. “My bump loves their custard!” —Melissa I.
  • The photo ops are so fun. “Some of the most awesome bump pictures can be snapped at the memorials!” Sarah M.

What did we miss? Why else does it rock to be pregnant in D.C.? Tell us in the comments section below. 

—Hilary Riedemann