Being bullied can hurt. You feel miserable and lonely, and you don’t want to go to school. Whether the bully is a boy or a girl, and the behavior is verbal or physical, it is always wrong. 

My Story

I have been bullied many times, mostly because I am smaller than most of my classmates.  

One time a girl in my class kept teasing me that I was small, and when I responded with a simple phrase, “have a nice day,” she walked away without responding. The next day, she tried to tease me again and called me “shrimp.” I used the same statement again, and this time, when she stormed off, she never bothered me again. 

Another time at school, a girl started pushing me in line and called me “so small like a baby.” I simply responded by saying, “pick on someone your own size!” That’s when she started to pull my hair. “Knock it off,” I angrily said, and she left me alone after that.

A boy in my class kept comparing me to his little brother, telling me that he’s probably much taller, even though he’s a few years younger. I realized that he was trying to make me feel bad about my height. I actually agreed with him and said he may be right, but “it doesn’t matter anyway, because people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors… and that is what makes us beautiful.” He was speechless as he stared at me, and then walked away. The teachers nearby smiled, as they overheard my response and seemed proud. 

Why Bully?

Usually, bullies bother other kids for a bunch of reasons that usually don’t have anything to do with the person they’re bothering!

    •    What if the bully is experiencing a frustrating or upsetting family issue?

    •    What if the bully is so insecure on the inside that bothering someone else allows him/her to feel better?

    •    What if the bully is actually being bullied by an older sibling or someone else at school, and is acting out to feel more in control?  

Regardless of the reason behind the bully’s behaviour, it’s never o.k., and sometimes, it’s hard to know what to do. 

Tips to Stop the Bully

  1. “Have a nice day!” After saying this phrase, simply walk away from that dark cloud. If a bully realizes that the effort won’t receive the reaction that he/she is looking for, it will likely fizzle out.
  2. Either way, tell your teacher immediately. Bullies need to learn that it’s not funny or acceptable to pick on others in any way. 
  3. Be honest! Responding with truth is another great way to stop a taunting bully.  
  4. Always alert your parents about the issue at school. Mom and dad were once kids too, and they may have some great ideas for responding to the bully or helping you resolve your problem. 
  5. If you and your parent are not satisfied, and the bully is determined to make you miserable, that’s when a meeting with the principal or headmaster needs to happen.

Don’t be scared to escalate your reaction with these steps. You deserve respect because each one of us is important and beautiful. Also, please make sure to help out another person who may be bullied and not know what to do. Sometimes we just need a helping hand or friend to lift us up when we’re feeling down.

Always remember, you are never alone!

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