Pink, shmink. The girls are putting their mary jane-clad foot down – they want to decorate their rooms in the color blue and there isn’t a boy who can stop them. We’ve noticed lately that every single color in the rainbow is crossing the gender line – boys have been rockin’ pink and purple shirts for the past couple of years now and a little nautical-esque navy has seamlessly crept its way into the wardrobe of girls. When it comes to room décor, it’s harder to find patterns and accessories that are true blue for the girlies (Anyone else have Madonna stuck in their head right now?). After scouring some of the hottest online retailers for girl-worthy room items, we’ve found these 14 options that will likely have even the girliest of girls craving a little blue.

Just Loungin’ Around
Pulling together multiple blue fabrics into a piece that will easily carry her all the way through her surely angsty teen years, the Kantha Quilt Indigo Beanbag ($199) is a splurge piece that will set the tone in her room. Having a variety of funky fabrics will make it fit in effortlessly with the other items she already has in her room. Plus, she’ll think that it’s cool that they have sourced the fabric from India and you’ll think it’s cool that the insert is eco-friendly.

Every girl needs a place to call her own and especially if she shares a room with other siblings, a hideaway is a must. The Home Sweet Home Play Canopy ($139) will hit two birds with one soccer ball – it gives her a spot to read books and let her imagination run wild and it is perfectly blue.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!
It doesn’t take an interior designer to know that what truly makes a room are the details. And besides making a big impact on a room, accessories are also often the least expensive way to do some decorating… or redecorating, if you’re making the transition over to blue décor. No matter how old she is, your girl will find a use for the Suzani Desk Accessories ($9.00 — $22.50 each). If she’s like the little girls we know, she probably is obsessed with toys that have little tiny pieces and these blue boxes and containers will help keep them organized.

Add a little monogram love to her room with an ABC Throw Pillow ($19). Not every letter comes in blue, but if you need a letter B, C, F, I, J, L, M, Q, S, T, W, X or Z, you’re in luck!

There’s nothing prettier than a brilliant blue butterfly and these 3D Wall Butterflies ($38 for a set of 20) will add a little bit of life to her room in an instant. They stick to the wall with wall-safe adhesive, but be sure to put them in a place where she won’t be tempted to pull them down to see how well they fly!

Ditch the boring old light fixture she has hanging from her ceiling and replace it with this blue beauty – an Aqua Gumdrop Pendant ($70-120, but priced specially right now at $30). We love the fun tangerine polka-dot lining on the inside of the shade and that the cord that attaches to the ceiling is red, but the shape is still a classic, so it will last in her room for years to come!

A Place for Everything…
… and everything in its place. We love that saying. But with kids, there’s another saying that seems to follow… More easily said than done. Make things easier on everyone by setting up her room with storage solutions that will make picking up toys, books and other odds and ends a breeze. Jenny Lind-style furniture adds a traditional look to any girl’s bedroom, but in this Jenny Lind Bookcase in Azure ($299), it is suddenly fun, funky and fresh.

To keep her art supplies neat and tidy – and in blue – check out the I Could’ve Been a Container ($21.95). Fill each bin with markers, crayons, chalk, scissor, paintbrushes and more for easy access to keep her creative juices flowing. Maybe she’ll have an inspired moment and channel Picasso’s Blue Period!

Every parent knows that having some bins in their kids’ room helps keep the clutter down. These Printed Canvas Storage Bins ($28-48 each) come in a fun blue flowered pattern and a few of these in her room will make it easy for her to get extra toys, coloring books and stuffed animals off of the floor. They come in two sizes, as well as a hamper size for keeping dirty clothes at bay.

Dreaming of Blue
One of the best parts of picking out room décor is the bedding! This set is beautifully blue – the Twelve Bar Blues Bedding ($14 and up) is sweet as can be. The stripes on the duvet and shams are actually seersucker and when paired with the floral sheets, it becomes perfectly clear that blue for girls is here to stay.

Or, take things one step further on the girly scale with the Petit Chateau Bedding ($16 and up), which is perfectly blue and has a vintage-feel that is completely on-trend right now. Pair it with some striped sheets to add an even bigger punch of blue.

Why hasn’t anyone thought to do this sooner? Slip this Pillowcase Friend ($29) over your daughter’s regular pillow and just like that, it’s transformed into a pretty blue butterfly that adds some spunk to her blue room and is cozy to lay her head down on after a long day of hunting for real butterflies!

A Little Blue Beneath Her Toes
Not every bedroom needs a rug, but adding one is certainly a good way to punch up the blueness! Big bold stripes on the ground, like in the Big Band Rug ($99 and up) will pull together the other blue pieces in her room and will especially work well if you’re using varying shades of blue.

But if those stripes are too close to boy-territory, we love this pretty take on a bold blue rug via the Stamped Scallop Rug ($89). The color is a bit more vibrant and will work well with other colors in her room, if she just wants to add a pop of blue here and there.

Do you have a blue-loving girl at home? Tell us her favorite piece of blue room décor!

— Katie Kavulla