Dedimus Potestatem

Dedimus Potestatem offers tailored leadership and business development courses for non-profits, small businesses and educational organizations in the U.S. and overseas. Our team has worked with government leaders, CEOs, recruiters, educators, consultants, small business owners and directors. Dedimus Potestatem also offers educational programs and personal growth seminars to students and schools. These educational programs include Leadership, Model Congress, Debate, Mock Trial, STEM & Bioethics, Model UN, critical thinking and soft skills for preschool and kindergartners, Socratic seminars on activism and civics, Mentorship (for high school students), Etiquette, Theater, Photography and entrepreneurship marketing for students starting progressive initiatives and more.

As a company dedicated to the betterment of society, we offer programs that are exciting, interactive and civically engaging. We believe that when leadership skills are integrated into the educational process, they are more likely to be integrated into everyday life. We believe that empowered empathetic students will have the most significant impact. Disenfranchisement, dis-empowerment, and oppression have only ever led to tragedy. We hope that the empowerment of our generation and the next generation may lead to a stronger, peaceful, more enlightened world.

-from Elizabeth Chen, Dedimus Potestatem
Online: https://www.potestatem.co/