The Wythes are like many military families — dad gets deployed and faces the possibility of missing the birth of his baby. When Katrina Wythes’ husband was deployed the two joked about the pregnant mama-to-be going into labor at his homecoming. Well… the couple may have tempted fate with their little baby joke. Check out the viral video that’s making us all say, “Awwww!”

Posting on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Wythes writes, “My husband was deployed when I was about 3 months pregnant.” Her husband was also deployed during their first baby’s birth. After missing that magical moment, dad really wanted to make it home for the birth of his second child. And he did. Barely.

The ready to pop pregnant mommy started having contractions about an hour after her husband began his trip home. When the dad finally landed, he had a text saying, “I think you better hurry!” Wythes also sent a screenshot of her contraction timer app.

Luckily, the mom was able to get to her husband’s homecoming and welcome him back. Of course, the two barely had time for hello’s, before having to rush off to the hospital. Wythes made it and was able to safely deliver her baby — with her husband by her side. Not only did the family share their oh-so-sweet video on Love What Matters, but they also posted a longer version of their story on their YouTube channel.

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