What’s a day like for a celeb’s son? Based on country musician Dierks Bentley’s new video, a day with a superstar dad is fab fun!

Bentley’s most recent video (for his single “Living”) follows the daddy-son pair through an activity-filled day together. And yes, the almost four-minute-long clip is every bit as aww-dorable as you’d imagine.

The video features five-year-old Knox and the celeb singer dad starting their day with some serious bed-jumping antics, sprinting around the house and even an impromptu music session. Bentley told PEOPLE, “It’s basically just me and Knox, just a day in the life.” The country star went on to add, “The two of us, just doing what we’re doing when we’re off the road, which is a lot. We pack a lot into one every day.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Dierks Bentley via YouTube



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