Your kiddos love ice cream. Well, now Dippin’ Dots cereal is here to bring the kind of kooky frozen little spheres of ice creamy goodness to breakfast, Kind of. Before you get all excited about a frozen breakfast treat, slow down. This seriously sweet cereal may mimic the taste of the epic tastiness of Dippin’ Dots, but it isn’t exactly frozen.

Okay, okay. So Dippin’ Dots cereal isn’t ice cream. Do we really care? Um, not really. It’s the idea (and of course, the taste) that matters here.

What do Dippin’ Dots make you think of? Chances are that you have some sort of fabulously fond memory of munching on the teeny tiny frosty beads during amusement park awesomeness in your own youth. And hey, your kiddo probably has the same memory too.

The real deal is cryogenically frozen ice cream that’s taken down to a super-chilly -320 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is it made at sub-chilly temps, but to keep it in its spherical shape, Dippin’ Dots need to stay at -40 degrees Fahrenheit. That means translating them into a cereal (which is in a box on an unrefrigerated shelf) isn’t exactly realistic.

But taking the shape and flavor of the ice cream delight and creating a similar-looking cereal is. Dippin’ Dots cereal is available in Cookies ‘n Cream and Banana Split flavors and retails at Walmart for $3.64!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: General Mills via Instagram


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