Growing up as a child around any holiday season was exciting. As a child, all you think about are the candy from Halloween, the turkey and pies from Thanksgiving, and all the presents during Christmas time. As a child, you don’t see what the holidays are truly about.

Of course, it’s 2017 and we’re adults, the holidays are still best known for their marketing. It’s a time where everything is expensive; parents rush around trying to find the perfect gifts and break their bank to make sure whoever is getting said gift is perfectly happy. Holidays are nothing of what they used to be. Companies are not seeing holidays for what they mean either. All they’re looking for is the next best thing to sell and/or market. It’s all about making their next dollar and to be honest, it’s sad.

There used to be a time where people would be happy with whatever gift they received. No matter if it was what they’d asked for, or even if it was a pair of socks. You were happy because someone thought of you. Today, whoever gives someone a gift feels the need to keep the receipt, just in case the person doesn’t like the gift and wants to return the item if they choose to do so. Today, gifts don’t have the same feeling or meaning behind them because they are so often expected to be given.

It’s unimaginable how it became to be this way. Holidays are not about receiving gifts or making the next dollar. They’re not about going to the store and getting everything half off. The holidays are about love and spending time with those you love. It’s about staying close to those who are important to you. It’s about being thankful for what you have and who you have in your life.