When it comes to magical party ideas, Disney has never let us down. Get inspired this year with a collection of edible masterpieces that will make you think twice about what it means to simply “bake a cake.” From a four-foot tall Frozen concoction that looks like it stepped out of the movie to a Queen of Hearts cake that’ll make you do a triple-take (those lips!), click through the photo gallery for some sweet eye candy. We’re nearly certain the magic ingredient is pixie dust.

Soup’s On!

As any little chef knows, good food is all about the details. This Ratatouille cake from U.K-based Richard’s Cakes is a masterpiece of details. And the critics agreed, because it took the gold medal and second place in the
decorative exhibit at the 2013 Cake International competition.

photo: Richard's Cakes

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— Melissa Heckscher & Abigail Matsumoto

Pinterest image: Cold Rock Aspley via flickr


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