Minifigures and blind bags are the hottest items lining toy shelves lately and now your kid’s favorite Disney characters are joining in on the fun. Disney’s newest collectible toy line may be tiny, but it’s full of surprises and fun.

Disney Doorables are, in fact, a-Doorable with their tiny playsets and figures featuring nearly 80 characters from your family’s favorite Disney films and shows, including Moana, Frozen and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

photo: Target 

The “door” in Doorable has another meaning too. These new collectible toys come packaged as if you’re opening a door to find the surprise inside. It’s a little like opening an advent calendar except you don’t have to wait until Christmas. Speaking of which, you’re going to want to get your hands on these ASAP and squirrel them away because we predict they will be a must-have stocking stuffer.

The line features several miniature, Polly Pocket-sized playsets to match the worlds of the characters. Just like the packaging, playsets like Elsa’s Castle and Mickey’s Clubhouse are also built around a tiny door.

“Disney Doorables empowers kids to become storytellers by uniting beloved Disney characters in one land—where surprise and delight awaits behind each door,” Corey Roman, VP marketing and strategy of Moose Toys, said in a press release. “Children will experience the magic and anticipation throughout every touch-point of the brand, which makes it extra special.”

The figures and sets are available now at Target and Walmart with prices starting at $3.99 for an individual blind bag.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of Target


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