With tablets and streaming services kids have everything they could ever want to watch right at their fingertips, but when it comes to deciding which streaming services to sign up for, the struggle is real. Now it just got even harder. Disney just announced that it’s pulling all of its titles from Netflix to start a platform of its own.

Just breathe. It’ll be okay, the changes to Disney’s deal with Netflix won’t happen until 2019, so you’re not going to lose Moana tomorrow. In the meanwhile, as the LA Times is reporting, Disney is going to be using that time to develop a streaming service of its own, actually two. One will be sports-based for its ESPN shows and the other will be for its films and television shows.

While this business decision represents a power move to take away some control from the Netflix empire, what it means ultimately for customers is that you’ll have to pay yet another fee and have yet another app to watch all the shows your family loves. No word yet on how much the subscription costs will be for Disney’s services.

There is a silver-lining for parents, however. The downside to streaming services, like Netflix, is that they are home to much more than just kids programming. Even when you do your best to police what your kids watch and set all the locks and parental settings, they can still be exposed to shows you might not want them to see, but with a Disney-only streaming service you can feel confident in all the material that is available at the tiny-fingered tap of a screen.

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