If two spaghetti-slurping dogs stole your heart as a kid, you’ll be excited to learn that a Disney reboot of Lady and the Tramp is in the works. And this one will feature real pups, which is guaranteed to make it even more adorable.

Lady and her charmingly street-wise soulmate, Tramp, are getting ready to remake the greatest dog love story of all time. According to the Hollywood Reporter the Disney classic, originally made in 1955, is getting a CG/ live-action makeover. You won’t catch this new flick in any movie theaters, however. The new Lady and the Tramp is set to be one of the first original films that will be available to watch on Disney’s new streaming platform service.

The new streaming service won’t launch until 2019, but when it does Disney plans to roll out 4 to 6 new original movies per year. No word yet on how much the platform will cost subscribers.

The movie will reimagine the story of a proper Cocker Spaniel named Lady who finds herself on the streets without a home until she meets a stray, Tramp. It will be directed by Charlie Bean, who recently helmed The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

Are you excited about this remake? Tell us your thoughts on the new Disney streaming service in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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