The Mouse house is creating a new way to bring everyone into the kitchen at mealtimes with a food network made just for families. Disney’s new food channel will be designed for kids and parents to watch and cook together.

The new channel, which will be part of the Disney Digital Network, will aptly be named Disney Eats. The food network for families will be focused on “co-cooking” experiences. In other words, encouraging and teaching kids and parents how to cook together. The programming will include shows like Kitchen Little, a series that he kids cooking alongside celebrity chefs, and Tiny Kitchen, which showcases chefs making miniature versions of Disney foods. It will also tempt STEM lovers with food science based shows.

Besides encouraging some quality family time, the new network will also be dedicated to instilling healthy eating habits by following the same strict guidelines it enforces on its advertisers when it comes to food. Just like the products advertised on Disney channels, all of the foods featured on the network will need to meet specific nutritional standards.

Disney Eats series will be targeted to Millennial families, who tend to consume content mostly online, which means you’ll be able to watch via Disney’s various digital platforms, including a new Disney Digital Network app that is set to launch this summer.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Disney Eats via Facebook


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