Disney has mastered the art of making the old new again, thanks to its impressive lineup of live-action remakes of many of its animated films. Now fans have gotten a peak into the world of another cartoon turned IRL flick: Disney’s first look at its live-action Mulan star is here and wow—we can’t wait to see more!

Even though Mulan’s release date isn’t until 2020, Disney released the first official photo of actress Liu Yifei in the titular role. If this doesn’t scream “Let’s get down to business!” we don’t know what does, honestly.

If you’re expecting an exact reboot of the animated film, don’t. Reportedly, the live-action version is a loose adaptation of the original version we saw in theaters back in 1998. Forget about hearing the original music score or seeing Mulan’s love interest Li Shang. The new version of the late ’90s classic will also include a witch-y villain named Gong L in lieu of Shan Yu and his army of Huns.

Despite some changes, the heart of the story remains the same: the live-action reboot will still tell the tale of the fabulously fearless Mulan as she masquerades as a man, fighting off her enemies and generally being a super-awesome warrior. With this seriously kick-butt first look at the new Mulan, 2020 can’t get here fast enough.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Wikimedia Commons



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