A pair of mouse ears is a must-have accessory during a Disney park adventure. You can go with the simple, classic style or if you prefer some more flair, you’ll love jazzing things up with the theme parks’ newest sequined-covered styles.

This summer, Disney Parks unveiled a pair of rose-colored sequined Minnie Ears and fans naturally went gaga. Now Disney has released a whole new line of sequined and customizable ears. The headband-style ear wear, not only features different colors, but it also allows for interchangeable bows, so that you can completely change the look with a quick swap. Guests can purchase a pair of base ears that can then be topped with different themed bow styles to match specific characters, like a Cheshire Cat’s smile or Maleficent’s horns.

The new collection debuted in all Disney Parks on October 21, but more exciting looks will soon follow with holiday-themed colors and bows. Besides headbands, you can also find ear hats decked out with sequins as well.

Do you prefer the traditional ears or the sparkly ones? Tell us in the comments below.