The highly anticipated streaming platform is finally here! On Nov. 12, Disney+ opened its virtual doors to the public so users could finally access its content but like any new product, there were some issues.

Apparently, there were so attempts to access the new service that Disney+ was reported down for many users. If you tried to download the app or log into your account as early as 6 a.m. EST, you may have been met with an unwanted message that the system was unable to connect with the servers.

Disney didn’t take long to take to the airwaves to keep users updated on the situation and as early as lunchtime, everything appeared to be back up and running just fine.

The culprit is likely that the massive volume of waiting patrons to finally feast their eyes on the Disney+ library was just too much. It also didn’t help that Disney kept everything very tightly under lock and key, without even the ability to download the app ahead of time. Once Nov. 12 arrived, the platform was likely met with thousands of attempts to access everything all at once.

Now that the service is up and running, the only question that remains is what will you watch first?

––Karly Wood



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