A maternity photographer from Rio de Janeiro knows how truly magical pregnancy can be. Vanessa Firme started having moms-to-be dress up in princess gowns for their photo shoots. Instead of dancing at the ball, these princesses are heavily pregnant, living their happily ever after with their prince.

Princess Maternity Photos

Firme, started the themed shoots after a woman approached her about doing a Beauty and the Beast themed shoot to honor her daughter, Bela.

Princess Maternity Shoot

“I thought how magical it would be for her when she saw her own mother dressed as the princess,” Firme told Good Morning America

Princess Maternity Photos

Firme said, “People loved it and we decided to make more princesses. These photos tell mothers that they can all be whoever they want to be. It shows what happens after happily ever after.”

Princess Maternity Photos

She added more princesses to her portfolio and branched out to shoot other characters, such as Maleficent, Wonder Woman, and Fiona from Shrek

Wonder Woman Maternity

Firme also began incorporating Disney magic into her newborn shoots as well, featuring princess moms and their royal babies. 

Princess Maternity Photos

Visit Firme’s Instagram to see more photos.

—Jennifer Swartvagher


All photos courtesy of Vanessa Firme


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