It’s the circle of life! Disney just dropped its newest—and longest—trailer for The Lion King and you need to watch it right now, because the mind of our ’90s youth have just been blown.

The highly-anticipated trailer was recently screened at CinemaCon and now fans finally have their first long look at this “live-action” (well, CGII) remake of The Lion King of our childhoods. As if we weren’t already not-so-patiently waiting for the film to hit the big screen, now we have real reasons to anticipate the Simba and Nala’s return.

If you were wondering how Disney could turn the iconic animated flick into a live-action movie that’s all about animals (without looking too cartoonish), get ready for some super-charged realism. Based on the just-under-two-minute trailer, The Lion King reboot is CGI perfection and so much more.

Disney’s The Lion King roars into theaters on Jul. 19, 2019.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Walt Disney Studios via YouTube



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