It’s not just kids who crave the mind-blowing sweets that Disney Parks offer. It seems like every day Disney dreams up new concoctions for their tempting menus—and the latest addition is made with mom and dad in mind. New boozy Disney World beignets are the perfect grown-up treat!

Beignets have been a fan-favorite treat at Disney Parks for awhile, first at Disneyland and most recently at Disney World, where this sugar-covered New Orleans fried-dough gets the mouse-house treatment by being shaped like Mickey Mouse. Now Disney World has kicked things up a notch and incorporated some more of that New Orleans spirit by serving up liquor-filled beignets.

While the newest version takes the traditional square form instead of the Mickey ears, it comes packed with a special punch. Guests can choose from Bailey’s, Kahlua or Rumchata to fill the fluffy, fried dessert. The filling comes in a mini pipette so you can inject the beignets with your alcohol of choice yourself.

The Baton Rouge Beignets are available at Scat’s Cat Club at the Port Orleans Resort in Walt Disney World. An order comes with three beignets and one choice of filling for $8.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: blogmickey via Instagram


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