photo: Disney Parks via Twitter

Waiting in long lines with excited kids is never easy, but FastPasses have long been a great way to bypass the pain. Now Disneyland is making it even easier to board rides quickly by going digital.

Previously Disney guests needed to hit kiosks throughout the park to get FastPass tickets printed for specific rides. You no longer have to wade through the crowds, however. All you need is a smartphone. The newly debuted MaxPass system allows visitors to download FastPasses directly to their phones. The only catch is, it’s not free. Regular FastPasses require no additional charge beyond the cost of admission. For $10 per day, or $75 per year, for those with an annual pass, you can access MaxPass via the Disneyland app.

Using the app, you will scan the barcode on your entry ticket and then select the attraction you want a FastPass for. The next available time will show on your app and then you can choose to either confirm that pass or cancel and select a different attraction. The rules are the same as regular FastPasses, in which you can’t get another one until you’ve used the first one.

The benefit is that you don’t have to traverse the entire park to pick up your next FastPass. In fact, once the barcode on your phone has been scanned upon entering the line, you can set up your next one immediately. Definitely a major time saver.

Would you pay to use the new MaxPass system? Have you used it already? Share your thoughts in the comments below.