Your summer vacay just got that much better. Disney California Adventure Park’s much-anticipated Pixar Pier recently opened and you can do everything from ride the Pixar Pal-A-Round Ferris wheel to get a thrill on the Incredicoaster. Oh and then then there are the super-rad treats.

The Lamplight Lounge delights with awesome eats (lobster nachos, for example) but the newest concotion is making a real “buzz.” It’s The Infinity Fizz!

Made with Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, cherry pearls and apple juice, the fizz-fest gets its inspiration from Toy Story. And if you’re wondering how it could possibly continue to fizz, you can thank dry ice for the movie-esque magic. Basically, if Buzz Lightyear got his enthusiasm from a drink, it would be this.

The “Infinity Fizz” is a mocktail that’s been making the social media rounds—with it’s curiously fizzy, but totally Instagramable, look. So if “liking” the berry-apple blend just isn’t enough for you, a summer vacation to Pixar Pier will give you plenty of opportunities to actually like the drink IRL.

For the over-21 set (that includes you mama), the Lamplight Lounge features signature cocktails with film-themed names, such as Plot Twist, Over Budget, Scream Canister and The Short. Just sayin’.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy Disney-Pixar


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