Barbie Fashionistas are getting a few fresh looks! The diverse and inclusive line already has 175+ styles with varying eye and hair colors, skin tones, body types and more, and 2021 is bringing more to the table.

This year you’ll be able to shop a broader lineup of dolls that represent global diversity and inclusivity, including Ken in a wheelchair. Fans loved the release of Barbie in a wheelchair in 2020, where it was the second most popular doll of the year in the world. Barbie and her wheelchair will also get two updated looks that include accessories and a ramp that is compatible with the Barbie Dreamhouse.

photo: Mattel

There will also be a new Ken with rooted hair reflecting an afro and Barbie with lighter skin with vitiligo. The Barbie brand is also launching new product packaging with a reusable bag for kids to carry their dolls and make play on-the-go even easier.

Lisa McKnight, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Barbie and Dolls, Mattel shares “As Barbie accelerates to new heights as the #1 global toy property, and holds as the #1 fashion doll property, the message is clear that Barbie brand is more relevant than ever. As the most diverse fashion doll line on the market, we take great responsibility in better reflecting the world around us and know there are many positive benefits to exposing children to dolls with different skin tones, hair types, abilities and more. We are proud to offer an even wider range of diverse choices with the latest Barbie Fashionistas line so more kids see themselves reflected in our doll line.”

You can shop the new additions to the Fashionistas collection this Spring and Fall at Walmart, Target and Amazon.

––Karly Wood



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