This DIY Flower Pot is a super cute Valentine’s Day gift to make for your Valentine this year! You can fill it with anything you’d like to give as a gift! It’s a double-cool gift since you can really use it as a flower pot afterwards! You can even include a packet of flower seeds to get them started! Do you know who you’re going to give this to?

You will need:

– tiny ceramic pots, I found them 3 for $1.00 at dollar store. You can also find them at craft stores and home/garden stores

– paint in the colors you’d like to use

– paint brushes a pencil with an unused eraser

– black permanent marker mod podge (to protect it and make it last)

– foam to put inside the pot

– your gift items lollipops, heart picks, fake flowers, etc

Step 1: Paint the pot however you’d like. You can do one color all over, or choose to do two colors like I did.  You can also use glitter, stickers, and anything else you have to decorate it.

Step 2: Once the paint is dry, use the eraser of your pencil to dot on the eyes and the cheeks. You can then draw a cute mouth with the marker or paint it on with a tiny paint brush.  When the eyes are dry, you can also put a dot of white paint on one edge of the eyes to make it even cuter!

Step 3: When your flower pot is fully dry, cover the entire thing with Mod Podge. You can flip the pot over a bottle of paint to raise it up and help you cover the entire pot. The Mod Podge helps protect the paint on the pot and gives it a nice shiny finish.

Step 4: Once the Mod Podge is dry, you can push a small piece of foam into the pot to hold your lollipops and decorations.

Done! That’s it! You can make one for each of your friends and make a super special one for your Valentine!

Watch the video tutorial to see how I made it!

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