Father’s Day is almost here and it’s a special time for children to remind dad how much he means to them. Instead of buying a gift, help your little ones create something truly meaningful by crafting a one-of-a-kind gift that is sure to make dad feel extra-special!

Here are some of my favorite Father’s Day crafts that are sure to bring a big smile to dad’s face. All you’ll need are a few basic craft supplies that you can most likely find around your house or at your local craft store.

Super Dad Father’s Day Craft

Start by painting a large flat craft stick in dad’s favorite color, then place two wiggly eyes toward the top, to give your character a face, and apply a foam letter D (for dad) in the middle of the stick. Using safety scissors, cut a medium-sized triangle from construction paper and glue it to the back of the craft stick, with one of the pointy ends facing up. For the final touch, use a marker to draw a mouth and give your super dad a happy, heroic smile!

Dad’s a Great Catch Card

If dad is a fan of fishing, this is the perfect card for him! Trace a paper plate on a piece of white art paper, making sure the plate hangs off the edge slightly, so the traced shape looks like a fishbowl and then use safety scissors to cut it out. Next, apply a light coat of water to the entire paper and then start adding color towards the bottom of the fishbowl by painting uneven strokes of brown watercolor paint. Apply a coat of water on the top of the fishbowl and paint uneven strokes of blue watercolor paint to mimic waves in the water.

Once your fishbowl is dry, use a marker to write dad a special message, like “Dad, you’re the greatest catch in the sea!” As a finishing touch, add a few sea creatures by bending fuzzy sticks into seaweed and fish shapes or using sea life foam stickers!

Father’s Day Picture Frame

Create a custom frame with your favorite photo for dad to remind him of the fun times you’ve had together! Glue together four jumbo wood craft sticks to form a square, then glue eight jumbo wood craft sticks horizontally across the square to make the back of the frame. Create another square for the front of the frame with four more jumbo wood craft sticks, then glue an additional craft stick at the top of the square and two at the bottom, at slight angles, for a creative touch.

Next, cut eight small pieces of wood from a craft stick to make wooden spacers and glue two small wooden spacers to each inside corner of the back of the frame. Finish building the frame by gluing the inside front of the frame to the inside back of the frame, making sure that the wooden spacers create a small amount of space between both sides.

Once dry, decorate the frame with paint, sequins, feathers and alphabet beads to spell a special message to Dad! For a silly look, tell dad ‘Eye Love You!’ by adding wiggly eyes to the front of the frame!

Straw Toppers 

Let dad know he is out of this world with a space-themed straw topper! Cut a four-inch circle out of cardstock and cut one half-inch slot at the top and another at the bottom. Paint galactic designs on the cardstock with watercolor and once dry, add aliens, spaceship and rocket drawings or use space-themed stickers (making sure to not cover the slit marks) to decorate. To attach the straw topper to a straw, thread the straw through the back using the slits and it’s ready to garnish any drink for dad!

Featured Photo Courtesy: http://www.CraftProjectIdeas.com