Scrambling for a cheap, quick Halloween costume? Never fear! We’ve got a cauldron full of quick Halloween costumes you can pull together with stuff you probably have around the house. You’ll be out the door and saying “trick or treat” in no time.

A Monster So Cute It's Scary

Dig out an old pair of pants and your trusty black Sharpie for this easy DIY Halloween costume. With a snip of scissors and a light coat of green make-up, you'll soon have Frankenstein's monster lurching out your front door. Find all the DIY details on Amber's post here.



Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

Clear and white balloons pop all over a set of white PJs for this easy DIY Halloween costume—it's bubbly bath time on the go! Primary has all the instructions so you can make your own, then take that rubber ducky for a spin around the block.

Emoji Love

Pick your kiddo's favorite emoji and whip up this cute Halloween costume that's easy to customize. You'll be running after your smiley face trick-or-treating in no time. Hello, Wonderful shows you how you can make your own with not much more than cardboard and paint.

A Troll? Totally!

Pull out a brightly colored skirt or tutu and a light t-shirt or leotard, and your little ones will soon be trolls. The awesome hair-dos look impressive—but they're easy to pull off when you follow blogger Doranda's DIY tip. Troll or treat!


It's a Lifesaver

Primary's easy DIY lifeguard costume is a Halloween lifesaver. Cute sunglasses and red t-shirts or swimsuits are the key ingredients. Head over to Primary to find out the surprising supply used to make the costume's critical white cross.


Shiver me timbers! It's easy to pull together a last-minute pirate costume. Grab a striped shirt and wrap a bandit around your kiddo's head. Pull out a pair of old pants and cut off the hem, using some shark teeth-style zigzags If you'd like a little extra flair, add eyeliner, a pile of necklaces and make wee Blackbeard a cardboard cutlass. Don't forget to check our guide on how to talk like a sailor

Perfect Polka Dot Paper

With not much more than a big piece of poster board, you can create a perfect paper doll costume. We love that this easy DIY Halloween costume costs way less than a pumpkin spice latte while still being extra eye-catching. Follow the step-by-step directions at Slapdash Mom.

Cowgirl (or boy)

Dust off that denim, wrangle up a pair of boots and top it all off with a plaid shirt and a ten-gallon hat. You'll have everything you need to be a cowgirl or boy costume—minus the horse, of course. If you've got a pool noodle leftover from summer fun, you can turn it into a horse ready to ride off into Halloween night. Yee Haw!

Sting Free Jellyfish

This unusual animal costume is simple to make and packs a big punch. Dig out an umbrella and ribbon, then swim over toA Casarella to learn how to make your own easy jellyfish costume. We love her clever tip that'll give this daytime costume a spooky nighttime glow.

Super Hero

With a pillowcase and a pair of scissors, you can make a cape worthy of your superhero. Gather up felt and ribbon and you can top off the costume with an eye mask. We've got the perfect tutorial to make this simple, last-minute costume.

Star Light Star Bright

Make your star a constellation this Halloween. Brit + Co's adorable, sparkly costume relies on a gold ribbon and glittery duds that your kiddo probably has in her closet already. They recommend using craft foam for the head-topping star—but cardboard plus gold paint will also work in a pinch.

Stick Em Up

This clever stick figure costume from All for the Boys is sure to get lots of laughs. We love that it's easy, affordable, and eye-catching. Gather up lightly colored shirt and pants and follow the instructions here to turn your kids 2D.


Salt, Hold the Pepper

We love this Morton Salt Girl costume because it's cute, clever, and takes almost no time to pull together. An extra bonus—since it relies on regular clothes, there's nothing that'll make sensitive kids uncomfortable while they're on the hunt for candy. But remember, as Brit + Co will tell you, the container of salt is a key accessory.

Baby Doll

This adorable wind-up doll is guaranteed to be one of the sweetest DIY costumes you'll find. Plus it's easy and cheap to make it yourself. Find how you can turn your toddler into a doll at Hart + Sew.



Play On

Calling all sports fans! Dig out your kid's fave jersey—whether it's football, hockey, or basketball—and in no time you'll have a sporty Halloween costume. You can add an accessory, from a helmet to a hockey puck, or a swipe of festive face paint, and then get out the door. Candy's waiting!

Go for the Gold

Your kiddo can be an Olympian in less time than it takes to sing the national anthem. Pull out a tracksuit, or a leotard if you've got a gymnast at home, then dig out a medal from a fun run or a 5k. Have her throw her arms in the air and give a cheer for this easy DIY Halloween costume!


In less time than it takes to do the Monster Mash, you can make an adorable black cat costume. Paging Supermom calls it her Super Easy Kitty Cat Costume—and we couldn't agree more. It's a sweet option for preschoolers who change their mind about their costume at the last minute. See our other favorite cat costumes here

—Oz Spies



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