My oldest daughter is obsessed with holidays. As each one approaches she makes sure we are planning a fun party to celebrate. February is all about Valentine’s Day, who her Valentine is (this year it’s her music teacher) and what she needs for her Valentine’s party.

Valentine’s Day is such a sweet holiday for kids. I love teaching my daughters to celebrate all the people they love! This year we’ll be throwing a simple, DIY Galentine’s Day party for my daughter’s girlfriends at our home after school. I am planning a few easy crafts and activities  and some treats for the girls to enjoy.

All the activities I planned are very easy for me to prep and will keep the littles entertained and happy! I plan on setting up stations around our living room so the girls feel free to do what they want when they want. Want to throw a Mini Galentine’s Party yourself? Here’s a few tips to share the love:

Heart Shaped Crayon Making

This is our favorite (and super easy) Valentine’s Day craft. Order a bunch of pink and white crayons online and peel the wrappers off before the guests arrive. The guests can then break the crayons into pieces and distribute them into silicone heart shaped molds. Once the molds are filled pop them into the oven at 250° for 15 minutes. The pink and white crayons melt to form the prettiest marble hearts that each guest can take home as a party favor!

Cupcake Decorating

It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s party without something sweet! Pre-make a couple dozen cupcakes so they are ready to frost and decorate when your guests arrive. My daughter loves to make the cupcakes with me the day before her party. For decorating I suggest buying premade vanilla frosting and using natural red food coloring  to make it pink. Have an assortment of pink and red candies on hand for the guests to top off their cupcakes.

Tattoo Parlor

My girls love tattoos so a Valentine’s themed “tattoo parlor” is a must do on our list! Order a bunch of cute heart themed temporary tattoos online and set up a station where the guests can pick whichever one they want. Ask one of your older guests (perhaps a big sibling?) to help man the station and apply the “ink.”

Valentine Making

A Valentine’s party needs actual Valentines! Set up a craft table loaded with tons of blank Valentines, stickers, blank note cards, washi tape, colored pencils and markers. The guests can go to town making creations for each other to take home.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Mia McDonald