This is by far one of my most favorite DIY projects and it’s easy to see why. Watching Dahlia grow the past 2 years has been amazing & now I have these amazing photos to remember her milestones.  I love handwriting and I love art, so I knew this was the perfect project for me & I hope it is for you too!

While I was pregnant with Dahlia, my sister gave me this brilliant idea to do a monthly chalkboard sign because her friend had done it for her daughter & knew that I would love doing it too.  I coincidentally saw a deal on Living Social for a chalkboard paper roll & and I knew I had committed myself to doing this for the whole year.  It’s also great because you can do this for any holiday, party, or activity too!

What You’ll Need:

– Chalkboard (As stated before, I used a Chalkboard paper roll I found on Living Social for $7 & cut it into thirds; You can buy something similar here on Amazon:  Chalkboard Paper)

– Chalkboard Bistro Pens (Bought A variety of colors at Paper Source & Michael’s; regular chalk didn’t work)

– Optional: Backdrop for baby (White Rug from Ikea; Wooden Backdrop bought from JoAnn’s Fabrics)

– Ruler

Ideas for Monthly Decor:

Birth Month: Stork

January:  Snowflakes, Snow – Colors:  Blue, White

February:  Hearts, Cupid, Arrows – Colors:  Red, Pink, White, Purple

March:  Four-Leaf Clovers, Pot of Gold, Rainbow or March Madness (Basketball) – Colors:  Green, White

April:  Spring, Eggs, Bunny, Easter Basket, Umbrella, Rain – Colors:  Green, Pink, White, Anything Pastel

May:  Flowers, Sun, Cinco de Mayo (Sombrero) – Colors:  Green, Red, White, Pink, Yellow

June:  Summer, Beach, Sun, Sunglasses, Ocean, Birds – Colors:  Red, Blue, Yellow

July:  4th of July, Fireworks, Banner, Stars – Colors:  Red, White, Blue

August:  Sun, Sunglasses, Beach – Colors:  Red, Blue, Yellow

September:  Fall, Leaves, Acorns – Colors:  Yellow, Brown, Orange

October:  Anything Halloween:  Spiders, Witch Hat, Ghosts, Webs, Pumpkins – Colors:  Orange, Black, Purple

November:  Thanksgiving, Turkey (Hand Turkey – I used her hand), Cornucopia – Colors:  Brown, Red, Orange

December:  Holidays,  Christmas Tree, Candy Canes, Holiday Lights – Colors:  Green, Red, White

Ideas for Monthly Stats:

– Weight

– Length/Height

– Time Born

– Amount of Teeth

– Hours of Sleep

– Diaper/Clothing/Shoe Sizes

– Favorite Foods

– Favorite Books

– Favorite Songs

– Likes/Dislikes

– New Milestones

– Firsts

– Places/People Visited

Ideas for Clothing/Backdrop:

– Holiday Specific (i.e. Stars for July, Halloween Costume for October, Adding Pumpkins for October or November or Flower Poms for April)

– Tutus for Girls; Ties for Boys

– Shirts/Onesies with Sayings

– Favorite Sports Teams

– Corresponding Headbands for Girls or Hats for Boys

– Age specific outfits via Etsy

I had so much fun doing these each month & I looked forward to creating them.  There were times when I got too busy and didn’t want to get them done, but I knew that I had committed to it for the year and so I finished, even if it was early in the morning or really late at night.  My husband even helped out with doing one on his own as well.

Now that Dahlia is two, I really am glad that I made these for her and I hope she appreciates the work I put into it when she’s older.

Happy creating!