Every good spy needs the right tools. To make your spy wannabe Inspector Gadget-worthy, we came up with a simple project to make your own periscope. Read on for the 411 on how to transform a regular cardboard box into a spy’s best friend.

What You’ll Need:
Duck Tape
A small compact mirror
Cardboard box (we broke down a box and it measures around 18″x18″)

You’ll want to unwrap all of your materials and have them handy.

IMG_37981. The first step is to create a tall box. Make your measurements and then fold and tape together the box that will serve as the main component of your periscope.


2. Make sure that the opening is about the same size as your mirror.




3. Once you’ve assembled the box, take your scissors and cut flaps on opposite sides of your box. Make sure the flap is around the height of your mirror.


4. Next tape each mirror to each flap, and cut away the opposite flap from the mirror. Once your mirrors are in place at each side of the periscope, bend the mirrored flaps (about 30 degrees) and try to find the right angle so what you’re seeing is actually a reflection from the top mirror. Once you’ve found the right angle, use your duck tape to tape the flaps together.


5. Voila! You’re now a certified spy!


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A special thanks to Sara, who heads up our Community and Marketing, and her daughter for making this awesome periscope!