They take on paper cuts, history lessons and recess duty in a single day (and that’s all before noon). Teachers give to our kiddos day in and day out, so why not give back to them today? Whip up these DIY gifts with your crew as a perfect way to say “Thank You” to your favorite mentors. Read on for the list.

onesmartcookie_chloecallahan_teachergifts_schoolsout_national_redtricyclephoto: It’s Written on the Wall

One Smart Cookie
They’ve got what it takes to teach your kiddos, so put the spotlight on their smarts! Bake your own family-favorite recipe or fill with a go-to cookie like Oreos, no matter—it’s an adorable way to give props. We think this bright and cheery (free) printable is just right. Head over to It’s Written on the Wall for a list of the things you’ll need for this thoughtful gift.

pencilholder_cathytrechelman_teachergifts_schoolsout_national_redtricyclephoto: Cathy Trochelman via Lemon Tree Dwelling

A Place for Pencils
Every teacher needs a place to store those #2 scribblers, and this colored pencil holder we scoped out at Lemon Tree Dwelling is as happy as your kids on the last day of school. With just a few items this is a gift you’ll be handing out in no time. Pop on over to Lemon Tree Dwelling to get the how-to.

subwayart_joyfulartdesigns_teachergifts_schoolsout_national_redtricyclePhoto: Olivia Snyder via Joyful Art Designs

Framed Subway Art
Say it with words. We are seeing graphic subway prints everywhere and this one from Etsy shop Joyful Art Designs is as cute as it gets. Order a customized print, find a frame and in two steps you’ll be giving a lasting reminder of all the ways teachers rock! Get started by heading over to Joyful Art Designs.

glitterscissors2_alexismiddleton_teachergifts_schoolsout_national_redtricyclephoto: Alexis Middleton via Persialou

Glam Glitter Scissors
She’s always helping your kiddo perfect his cutting skills, so why not give her scissors an upgrade? Even if she gets a paper cut or two, the glitter on these tools are enough to make anyone smile. We love the gold glam from Alexis over at Persialou, but the kids could pick from colors galore when helping prep this gift. Find out how it’s done by visiting Persialou.

starbucks_cassiefreeman_teachergifts_schoolsout_national_redtricyclephoto: Cassie Freeman via Hi Sugar Plums Blog 

An Easy Coffee Break
It’s a gift card you know won’t be around for long. Whether he saves it for a rainy day or cashes it in the next morning before class, this super-easy idea from Hi Sugar Plums Blog is a win-win for everyone.

eosbalm_rebeccacooper_teachergifts_schoolsout_national_redtricyclephoto: Rebecca Cooper via Simple as That Blog

A Balm-diggity Gift
Even parents who don’t have a lot of time can pull off this teacher gift. Grab a couple of those funny-looking lip balms you always see while waiting to check out at Target, head over to Simple as That Blog for the super cute free printable tag and you’re done. Easy-peasy. If you want to fancy it up a tad, project creator Rebecca has what you need over at Simple as That Blog.

manipedikit_stacykindacrafty_teachergifts_schoolsout_national_redtricyclephoto: Stacy Haycock via She’s Kinda Crafty 

A for an Awesome Gift
“I don’t need any more nail polish.”-—said no woman, ever. Get her teacher excited for the weekend’s outing with a mini-mani/pedi kit. Add a cool nail file print and print out the adorable card from She’s Kinda Crafty, and you’ll have a thoughtful Thank You in minutes.

alphabetstampset_katieezenberger_teachergifts_schoolsout_national_redtricyclephoto: Katie Ezenberger via The Casual Craftlete

Give Out the Alphabet
ABC, it’s easy as 123, and this stamp set only proves it. With a few other items, turn a basic supply into a charming way to do the Alphabet Rock. For a complete list of what you’ll need, head over to The Casual Craftlete.

supplytower_leighannebutler_teachergifts_schoolsout_national_redtricyclephoto: Leigh Anne Butler via Radio Butlers

Say it With Supplies
Teachers need all kinds of gear to do their very best and we all know they never have enough. If you are feeling super crafty, why not create one of those how-did-they-do-that supply towers? This version from Radio Butlers is awesome (and not too over the top). Pop on over to Radio Butlers for the tutorial. It’s like a diaper cake, for crafts.

How will you say Thank You to your kiddos teachers? Share with us in the comments!

—Gabby Cullen