You don’t need a turbine to harness the power of the wind. Easy, breezy chimes work just as well—not only are they a creative way to teach kids about air flow and how it works, but they’re also an awesome update your backyard décor. From egg cartons and ice cream spoons to seashells and tin cans, click through the gallery of cute wind chime crafts that will blow you away.

Pin in the Wind

There’s a common thread to all these creative chimes—they keep little hands busy and get our backyards ready for summer. Our last chime is easy to get the hang of (with clothespins, that is). A shout-out to Krissy at B-Inspired Mama, go here for the DIY.

photo: Krissy via B-Inspired Mama


Do you have a DIY wind chime craft kiddos can do? Give us your how-to in the comments.

—Nikki Walsh