Once you have a child, people will tell you that time goes by in the blink of an eye. We’re told to enjoy each moment because they’ll be little for only a little while. We should focus on the sweetness and not on the sleepless—okay, I just made that one up but I think it has potential to catch on.

I get it—I really do. It’s easy to look back and realize that a lot of time has gone by. Like, an entire season of The Bachelor, for example.

You’ll see social media posts exclaiming, “I can’t believe my little baby is already in 2nd grade!” or “When did my baby grow up?”

Friends might even ask me, “Can you believe you have an 18-month-old?” My immediate response?

“It feels like…so much longer.”

It feels longer in the moments before your kid’s bedtime—truly, those final few minutes before they finally settle down can take years off your life. It feels longer in the moments when your child has yet another ear infection. It feels longer in the moments when your baby is up all night teething. (I mean, how many teeth do they really need?)

It feels longer in the moments when they refuse to let you change them, longer when they eat Cheerios one-by-one as you’re trying to get out the door.

But, if you’re lucky, those aren’t the only moments that will feel so long.

If you’re lucky, their sweet little hand rubbing yours will drag on and on. If you’re lucky, their giggles will seem to last forever. If you’re lucky, they’ll ask to read ‘just one more book’ again and again.

And if you’re lucky—really lucky—the way they love you will make your heart smile for an eternity.

I guess it’s true that time goes by so fast—and so slow. I’d like to enjoy the slow.