Pregnancy changes us mamas. Unless you’re genetically blessed (or have a top Hollywood doc at your service), chances are your post-preggo-self doesn’t immediately resemble what you looked like nine months ago. Well now science says there’s one more change that we go through—women’s voices get deeper after pregnancy.

Recent research from the University of Sussex, published in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior, reveals that pregnancy may lower a woman’s voice pitch. The current research follows up on what some women seem to already know. Way back in 2013 Kristen Bell reportedly had to re-record some of her Frozen lines following a post-pregnancy voice change. The star admitted that her voice was noticeably deeper directly following the birth of daughter Lincoln.

The new study looked at 20 mothers and 20 similarly aged non-moms. Researchers analyzed samples of the women’s voices for five years before giving birth and five years after. They found that the mommy group had lower pitched voices and more monotonous tones in the year after pregnancy. This is in comparison to the women who did not give birth and the mother’s voices before and during pregnancy.

Even though the research did show a marked vocal change, don’t worry too much about pregnancy lowering your voice for good. The effect seems to wear off after the first post-partum year. So yes, you can get your voice (and your body) back in time!

—Erica Loop

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