There have been more than a few beauty trends in 2017. Miranda Kerr revealed she gets her flawless, and decidedly super-young, appearance via leeches (yes, the blood-sucking parasites), allegedly an unattended child destroyed thousands of dollars’ worth of Sephora cosmetics, Krispy Kreme-flavored lip-gloss took off, Instagrammers started sporting sprinkle-painted nails (as in the kind you dress-up ice cream with) and squiggle brows became an actual thing. But now there’s a new beauty trend that’s getting the internet’s panties all up in a bunch.

So what’s the big beauty deal? No, it’s not a new glitter eye shadow or some sort of magic contouring bronzer that turns everyone into a Kardashian clone. It’s celeb kids wearing make-up.

Stars like Jessica Simpson and Tori Spelling have all posted pics of their cute kiddos wearing mommy’s makeup. Hey, this isn’t to say that celebrities are hiring stylists and makeup artists to deck-out their kids. But they are letting them get into their makeup stashes. But that hasn’t stopped the internet from kind of freaking out — and not in a good way.

When Jessica Simpson posted a selfie that she took with 5-year-old Maxwell in a MAC store, both mom and daughter had full-on lipstick-covered lips. Even though plenty of people thought the mother-daughter pic was sweet, there were also the not-so-nice commenters who bashed Simpson for taking her daughter makeup shopping (and of course, letting her wear lipstick).

Hmm. It seems like playing with mom’s makeup is kind of an old school childhood “thing.” Dressing up like your fave female (mom, that is) and smearing her cherry red lipstick all over your face isn’t exactly a celeb social media invention. Right?

Do you have a funny story when you got into your mom’s beauty bag as a child? Share your makeup memory in the comments below.