photo: Pexels

You’re a super woman. Yep. You’ve got things totally under control. You can feed the baby, do mountains of laundry, take three kids to three different schools, organize the Pre-K bake sale and still manage to get dinner on the table. Yeah, it might be a pizza that you picked up on your way home from work — but that’s still food. Right? Okay, so you’re not a mama marvel. You’re exhausted. You’re so tired that you forgot what “well-rested” even means. And that’s where a self-care retreat comes in.

A self-care retreat? Hmm. Sounds like something your dippy younger cousin wasted her car insurance money on. But it’s not. The self-care retreat was launched in 2015 by Tara Pringle Jefferson. Jefferson, the founder of The Self-Care Suite, created a retreat where women could bond. Not only could they bond, but they could also participate in therapy sessions and massages, too!

Jefferson’s retreats are designed for women of color and offer a way for people who are viewed as caretakers to start taking care of themselves. And while there are plenty of mommies who attend, the retreats aren’t exclusively for them. She welcomes women of all ages, including those without children.

These retreats aren’t just a chance to relax. They’re a chance for women to come together, stop for a moment (or a weekend) and take care of their own mental health needs. And as any caregiver knows, this isn’t easy but is majorly important.

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