photo: Pixabay

New Yorkers who don’t like leaving their pooches at home may be excited to know the city will soon see its first dog cafe, according to an article in the neighborhood news site DNAInfo

The cafe, Boris and Horton (reportedly named for the owners two dogs), is supposed to open in the Lower East Side this winter. Unlike cat cafes, which provide a roomful of cats so visitors can cuddle, pet or simply bask in their cat-ness, Boris and Horton will be a bring-your-own dog sort of setup. Because of Health Department regulations, the cafe will be split, so that the dogs will be kept on one side of a glass wall while their owners mingle, nosh and drink wine and coffee on the other side, DNAInfo said.

“It’s like basically going to someone’s nice living room with your dog, and it’s adjacent to a place where you can get all your food and coffee,” Coppy Holzman said in the article.

This isn’t the first canine cafe to try its paws out in a big city. Last year, The Dog Cafe opened in Los Angeles as an alternative to an animal shelter. The cafe, which serves as a “halfway house” for rescued dogs, also hosts events, including dog yoga classes (where poses like “Downward facing dog” take on a whole new meaning).

If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because cat cafes came first. New York has at least three cat cafes — and Los Angeles has one — where people can sip coffee while simultaneously dangling a string for curious kitties.

For more information and to get updates on the opening, visit Boris and Horton online.

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