I completely forgot about picture day…


Not just picture day…class picture day.

And my first thought when my calendar reminder popped up, after I’d dropped off dear #3?

“And I’ve screwed up…again”

And then, I thought about it all day, and finally decided I can’t beat myself up over this one.

So, I offer them now, my apologies to all of the parents with kids in #3’s class. Mine is the one wearing his soccer jersey standing next to your perfectly showered, perfectly groomed, perfectly dressed third grader.

At least his hair is done (or at least it was when we left the house).

And his teeth may be brushed (no promises on that one).

And he’s in the picture (for what that’s worth).

And, he’s 100% my #3…

For that, I won’t apologize.

Frankly, even if I had remembered there are no guarantees that the outcome would have been any different.

And, one day, when I look back at that ridiculous picture I hope I’ll remember what a strong-willed, independent, opinionated, soccer loving, almost nine year old he was today.