photo: Pexels

New Year’s Eve means parties, parties and more parties. That is back in the day before you had kiddos. Chances are that you had some pretty adorable outfits for your New Year’s festivities. Hey, looking fab is more than half the fun. But what happens when girls, who have somewhere special to go, don’t have the means to afford a new dress? Enter Believe in Yourself. Check out what this foundation is and how they’re helping girls have the best holiday possible.

Believe in Yourself is a foundation that provides girls and young women with brand-new dresses. That means, the girls who participate in this program get a free, never-worn dress. That may not seem like something major. But for a girl whose family can’t afford a dress, it’s absolutely everything.

Along with dress donation, this foundation also helps to inspire and educate girls. They have a focus on positive body image and reducing cyber bullying, helping girls to become confident, competent women.

The dresses that Believe in Yourself give out might be free, but that doesn’t mean the girls who participate in the program get them for nothing. Achieving goals is a prerequisite for getting a dress. Each girl has to create goals (this can be an academic goal, an extra-curricular goal or another type of goal). These goals are then tracked, as the girls work towards earning a new New Year’s Eve dress.

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