If you’re a resident in the Philadelphia area, then we fully expect you to get in line and order a Panera double bread bowl so we can live vicariously through you. The company recently announced it will test out its new menu item beginning Aug. 5––but it’s not spreading beyond the City of Brotherly Love (for now).

The double bread bowl is fashioned from an entire loaf of Panera bread, and can be filled with your choice of fabulous soups or mac and cheese––or one of each. While it’s large enough to be shared, we also won’t judge if you dive into this carb fest solo.

For now this special menu item will be available Aug. 5 through 31 and shortly thereafter Panera is expected to announce its seasonal items in September. There’s been no news if the item will appear in other national markets, but Panera is tossing the question around Twitter and we are shaking with bread bowl glee!

Despite the potential food coma dreams we’re having, the double bread bowl will set you back a pretty penny. Depending on what you get to round out the meal, prices range from $12 to $21. Holy bread bowl, Batman!

When you add together the potential caloric and carb intake plus the price tag, sharing suddenly doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Sharing is caring, after all.

––Karly Wood



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