You’ve spent the entire summer hanging at the pool, running from playground to playground and shopping for everything on the school supply list. Now it’s time for the kiddos to go back to class—and Drake’s “In My Feelings” Kiki meme is popping up in schools across the country.

Yep, that’s right. Schools (maybe even your child’s school) have been trotting out their own take on Drake’s “In My Feelings” as a way to get kids back into the swing of things. Drake’s catchy tune has taken over as the song of the late summer and it seems like his chart-topping hit is following kids right into the new school year, too. It’s not exactly like this is the first time a teacher has taken a play from pop culture to interest their students.

When educators at the Busbee Elementary School in Wagener, South Carolina posted their own academic version of the popular “In My Feelings” Challenge (obviously with reading and writing, and not dance moves), their bulletin board pic went viral. With more than 22,000 reactions and over 209,000 shares on Facebook to date, it’s clear that everyone is into this idea.

The bulletin board fun didn’t stop there. As it turns out, the Drake, “Kiki, are you reading?” bulletin board has become a staple of the 2018-2019 back-to-school year. Here are some other Drake/Kiki-inspired classroom bulletin boards making the rounds on social media:


Hey, whatever gets the kids to learn, right?

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Drake via Instagram



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