Your Jacque Cousteau wanna-be would trade his fish tank to sleep under-the-sea, even for just one night, so it’s not too far off to say he’d dive right in to one of these underwater retreats. We love the soothing sea color schemes, the friendly fish folk, and all the tiny touches (sunken pirate ship anyone?) that make for an excellent aquatic adventure. Flip through to be inspired by seven amazing ocean-themed rooms—we think you’ll be on our wavelength.

Modern Mermaid

It’s a fresh take on a favorite ocean theme. This modern mermaid room is full of bright colors, and almost no blue to be seen, anywhere. Little girls who dream of switching their legs for tails can skip the trip the sea witch and instead, spend some time in a sea-escape like this one designed by Modern Nest Interiors

Photo: via modernnestinteriors

 What inspires your nautical nature? Share with us in the comments!

–Gabby Cullen