Your Jacque Cousteau wanna-be would trade his fish tank to sleep under-the-sea, even for just one night, so it’s not too far off to say he’d dive right in to one of these underwater retreats. We love the soothing sea color schemes, the friendly fish folk, and all the tiny touches (sunken pirate ship anyone?) that make for an excellent aquatic adventure. Flip through to be inspired by seven amazing ocean-themed rooms—we think you’ll be on our wavelength.

Sharp Shark Decor

It’s like Shark Week, 24/7. Designed by 4-Chairs Furniture, complete with cozy sleeping bunks, climbing wall and and furniture made from re-furbished materials, it’s possible even Sheriff Brody might feel at home hanging out here. We especially love the use of fishing nets for a safety barrier. For a complete look, head over to design blog House of Turquoise.

Photo: via hiyapapayamommy

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–Gabby Cullen