Now you can rosé  all day—by eating strawberries? Driscoll’s recently released limited edition Rosé Berries and these strawberries look and taste like the real deal.

The light pink strawberries have the same distinctive blush hue you’ll see in your fave glass of rosé. But, of course, they don’t have the alcohol.

So what do these berries taste like? According to Driscoll’s website, “Rosé Berries contain sweet, peachy notes capped off with a soft, floral finish that’s as delicate as a rose.” The description goes on to add, “Plus, their smooth, silk and creamy texture perfectly complements a hot, summer afternoon.” Yum!

If you’re not into strawberries, Driscoll’s also has limited edition Rosé Raspberries all summer long! Both berries are available at select retailers, such as Whole Foods and Fresh Direct, from June through September only.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Jenna Hamra via Pexels



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