You can drive-thru a fast food restaurant to feed the masses and you can drive-thru the ATM to grab cash, but what if there were drive-thru options for PTA meetings or exercise? Read on to LOL at the top 10 things we wish were actually drive-thrus.

Photo: Donnie Ray Jones via Flickr 

1.Drive-thru spin class.

We’re already sitting down. Can’t Peloton come out with a car equipped with pedals and a steering-wheel leader board?

2. Drive-thru school registrations and PTA meetings.

We love our teachers and our schools, but if you have a child older than a kindergartener, you know the drill, your teacher’s reputation, and the names of the parents in your kid’s class. What if we all just pulled up to the window, high-fived and moved on?

3. What’s faster than fast-food?

Drive-through IV hydration stations. Because we’d rather turn to dust than drive through a fast food line when they say “they’re just thirsty” and then fight the sudden starvation claims from the backseat.

4. Drive through pediatrician visits.

Because well-waiting rooms? Riiiiight.

5. Drive through birthday party drop-offs.

The two hours of freedom that Sally’s party buys you is the umbrella under which an entire week’s worth of errands will be sheltered.

6. Drive through dermatology appointments, including elective cosmetic procedures.

A drive-through option for that chemical peel or filler injection we’ve been contemplating just might green-light-go the whole situation.

7. Drive through classroom holiday parties (especially Halloween).

When it gets too loud, too messy, or too human, just roll up the windows and wave from the peace and quiet of your own car.

8. Drive through pre-made sack lunches (aka PB&J, milk, and apple slices restaurant).

It’s 6 p.m. on a weeknight and you’re on your way home from gymnastics/soccer/band practice. You’ve got exactly enough food to feed them dinner but not enough to make school lunches for tomorrow. Boom! Lunch box drive through, baby!

9. Drive thru dump.

How on earth did you get that much trash in your car in less than a week?

10. Drive-thru make-up and hair.

Squeeze it in between school drop off and your day job! Enough said.

What do you wish you could do without getting out of your car? Tell us in the comments section below!

—Shelley Massey