In this parenting age, plastic is still everywhere, from the single-use water bottle to the toys that light up little worlds. But we don’t want plastic in the spin cycle or polluting our waterways. Thanks to Dropps and their eco-friendly, plant-based ingredients, you can trust you’re washing your family’s clothes in the most sustainable, safe and effective way possible. Plus, their laundry detergent is delivered to your door in plastic free compostable packaging no less! Read on to discover what makes “every Dropps count.”

Fun fact: traditional liquid laundry detergents are usually packaged in high density polyethylene. 68% of these bottles are not recycled and contribute to the approximately 660 billion tons of plastic waste that goes into our oceans and waterways annually. By choosing Dropps, you’re taking one big step to stop polluting our earth and living a more sustainable lifestyle, in a way that makes sense for your life as a busy parent.

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Inside Every Dropps
Really, we should start with what you won’t find inside these pods: from artificial dyes and chemical fragrances to chlorine and phosphates, Dropps excludes everything you don’t want for your family. What will you find? Plant-derived and hypoallergenic ingredients that are both biodegradable and safe for delicate skin and clothing. You can read the short, complete list of what’s in Dropps’ sensitive skin unscented laundry detergent right here (and it’s never tested on animals). No wonder Dropps was awarded the EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award.

Cleaning Every Dropps
Just because Dropps is sustainable and eco-responsible, doesn’t mean it’s any less strong than other cleaning products on the market. From grass stained knees to crayon-covered sleeves, Dropps is powerful and effective for kid-induced messes. They even offer pods for sensitive skin, stains and odors, babies, and mini pods for small loads, handwashing and travel.

Outside Every Dropps
A decade ago, Dropps was the first laundry detergent company to introduce a liquid unit-dose pod to the market. With that sustainable innovation in mind, they are now the first to develop a recyclable, compostable package, making Dropps a zero-waste cleaning choice. The cardboard box that arrives on your doorstep contains exactly what need rather than more packaging that you don’t. Choosing Dropps for your family is one more way you can eliminate single-use plastic and spare our oceans and sea life. As for the pod itself, its membrane is biodegradable and water soluble (breaking down completely in about a month), meaning you won’t contaminate waterways on a micro-level either.

Savings with Every Dropps
When it comes to your laundry detergent, don’t overpour and overpay. Dropps passes on artificial colors and icky chemicals, and passes the savings to you. They offer powerful, perfectly dosed laundry and dishwasher detergent pods at just ½ the cost compared to leading brands. Whatever you need, Dropps has a product and plan that comes right to your door. Subscribe and save 20% on every order, or buy on the fly—it’s your choice.

Dropps are compatible with all washing machines, so go ahead and give them a spin. One pod per load dropped directly into your washer drum gets the job done. Visit to meet the full Dropps product line including laundry detergents, fabric softeners, oxi booster pods and dishwasher detergent pods.

It all adds up to a safe and convenient way to make laundry one more sustainable practice in your day.

Special discount for Red Tricycle families until 6/30/19: Save 30% on your first order. Valid at with Code: REDTRICYCLE. Save 20% more when you subscribe and save!

— Jennifer Massoni Pardini

all photos courtesy of Dropps

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