Is your little one obsessed with Barbie dolls? These sneakers have it all, pink, sparkles, hearts and of course, Barbie. DSW’s new Barbie Footwear mini-collection is sure to tickle any fan pink. If Barbie isn’t your thing, there is a complimentary Hot Wheels Footwear collection as well. 

Barbie Marlenny Sneaker

These metallic sneakers feature a velcro closure and heart shaped accents.

Barbie sneaker 
Barbie Fenris High Top Sneaker

These shimmery rose colored high top sneakers feature Barbie along with whimsical heart shaped beads.

Barbie sneaker

Hot Wheels Light-Up Sneaker

These light-up sneakers come with sporty racing stripes and light-up features.

Hot Wheels sneaker

Hot Wheels High-Top Sneaker

These high-top sneakers feature a flame and a top velcro closure.

Hot Wheels sneakerThe Barbie Footwear by DSW and Hot Wheels Footwear by DSW is offered in sizes toddler 5-12 and retail for $29.99. 

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of DSW