Once you pop you can’t stop—not a Dunkin’ slogan but it’s just popping to mind. That’s because the company just announced Popping Bubbles, strawberry bursting bubbles that can be added to any cold drink. And there’s a fun contest in store, too!

Starting June 23, you can try this fun add-on to your frosty beverage of choice. It’s made with color sourced from plants and the strawberry flavor adds a fruity twist perfect for summertime. All beverages with the bubbles will come with a new pink and orange wide paper straw to fully enhance the popping experience.

The launch pairs with a new instant win online game that rolls out on July 2. Follow Dunkin’ on Instagram for the game link, which allows you to pop virtual bubbles to reveal if you’ve won one of thousands of gift cards or other rewards, like inflatable pool rafts or a cash grand prize. Make sure you’re on it, because you can only play during the month of July.

If you’re pondering which bev to add your bubbles to, Lemonade Refreshers launched this spring and would give you that color contrast for the ‘Gram. But you could also be bold and add it to a frozen matcha latte or a Dunkaccino. The options are endless!

––Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of Dunkin’