Your mini master builder can take their LEGO creations to a whole new level with E-Blox.

The creative E-Blox kits bring your brick designs to life with sound, lights and movement. The sets feature bricks and modules which are compatible with LEGO bricks and designed to add innovative elements, like a robot with flashing eyes or an animal that makes sounds. E-Blox also come in sets kids can use to create STEAM-based projects like a real working FM radio or an airplane propeller that spins.

E-Blox features three different categories: Circuit Blox, Power Blox and Story Blox. You can also purchase sets of add-on bricks, which you can simply use together with your existing brick sets, like LEGO. The Circuit Blox line helps kids explore concepts like electricity, current and voltage with building projects that involve lights, alarms, switches and LED lights.

The Power Blox line, which can work in conjunction with the Circuit sets, enables builders to add an electrical element to their creations with the use of LED and tin-plated blocks. When they connect to a battery block for power, they’ll light up without any wires.

The Story Blox bring reading skills into use with an interactive storybook that features QR codes. When the codes are scanned they enable kids to research using online learning sources and use that knowledge to complete themed models connected to the story.

You can shop the entire E-Blox collection here, with sets ranging in price from $10.99 to $54.99.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of E-Blox



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